Each hero has 3 levels. Each level gives the hero new skill, increased Strength, and increased effect on previous skills. To evolve a hero, you'll need to gather the hero cards. The amount of cards needed to evolve is shown with the pieces slot on the card next to its Strength points.

Evolve RequirementsEdit

Lv 1 card
Lv 2 card

The cards can be obtained from playing matches or buying packs from the store

Level 1 -> Level 2 card need 3 Hero cards

Level 2 -> Level 3 card need 7 Hero cards

In total, you'll need 10 cards and 1 Hero card (for starter) = 11 cards to get to Level 3

See the Unlocking Heroes guide to find out how to get these hero cards






Mythical FormEdit

Ica rusty lv 3

After a hero reaches level 3, he can be transformed to its mythical form. Mythical form is marked with gold card frame. Advantages of mythical heroes are:

  • Makes your hero looks intimidating to opponent
  • When your lvl 3 mythical hero pops out from the chest piece, its sell price becomes 500 crystal instead of 250 crystal

To transform the card, you'll need to pay 12,000 crystals and get 3 trophies. The trophy and the crystal payment can be accessed by clicking the hero icon and slide left to the last pink board. There are 3 kinds of trophies :

  • Mythical
    Kill Count Trophy: Kill 50 heroes with the card
  • Damage Trophy: surpass the damage limit of 2700. A few cards can surpass this limit independently, while most of the cards need to be buffed first. The damage limit may vary between heroes (for example: The Sachem has a limit of 2400 instead of 2700)
  • Accumulated Damage Trophy: Reach total accumulated damage inflicted to opponent (125,000 damage)