X Times Physical Attack is a type of attack that deals damage equal to the User's current STR stat. These are similar to multi-hit skills.


3x Physical Attack: User STR = 120; Deals 360 damage

3x Physical Attack: User STR = 120 w/ Rage 60; Deals 540 damage

Further InformationEdit

  • Like multi-hit skills, this skill is weak to DMG debuffs but also gets an added weakness to Anti-STR skills
    • Thorn counters this skill by dealing back damage each time it hits
    • Berserk can easily escalate the Opponent's own STR because of the Hits
    • High Opponent Resilience stacks can weaken the hits' impact
  • This skill can also burn down Dodge the Opponent stacks in defense
  • Rage escalates the damage of this skill since each hit would cause Rage to activate and raise the User's STR stat

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