STR Reduce is a type of debuff that reduce your opponent's Strength


Opp Strength -45 = reduce opponent's strength by 45

Further InformationEdit

  • There are only a few heroes with this skill (Fe'y, Bulu'baga, etc.)
  • Very strong against sword opponents (pirates with powder, ragers, berserkers, etc.)
  • Although Backstab is better, this skill is more favorable when fighting berserkers. Backstab will still trigger the berserk effect, while this debuff will not trigger their berserk buff
  • The Noz hero, Mirval Ex, has a STR reducing debuff that applies to him instead of opponents
  • Santa's STR reducing capability halves opponent's strength. While it cannot reduce the number to 0, it's a great STR reducing skill for opponent with sky-rocketed strength


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