Runic Skills are normal skills that utilize Runes to power-up their effects. They are trademark skills of the Runic Legion.

They are similar to Noble Skills in the way that Runic Skills can have their effects increased by increments of 50% of their base values, except the number of boosts depend on the number of Runes before activation. This is where Noble and Runic differs since the latter's boosts are only applied once.


Runic Hit 400 + no Runes = Deals 400 damage

Runic Hit 400 + 2 Runes = 400 +2( [400/2] = 200 ) = Deals 800 damage

Runic Heal 200 + 3 Runes = 200 + 3( [200/2] = 100 ) = Heals for 500

Further InformationEdit

  • When a Runic Skill activates, all Runes that a card had at that time are used immediately. If the same Runic Skill activates again, it will only have its base value as effects since there are no Runes to boost it.
  • While being a Runic Legion exclusive skill, not all heroes utilize them in their kit.
  • The following skills are known to have Runic versions:
    • Hit
    • Blessing
    • STR buff
    • Heal
    • Shield
    • Shock
    • Rage
    • Fireball
    • Life Drain
  • Echios Ex is the only card who uses a Runic Skill and is not of the Runic Legion.