Riposte is a type of buff that inflicts Hero's current Strength as damage to opponent when being attacked by opponent (sword only)


Riposte 2 = The next 2 sword attacks from opponent will inflict the hero's strength as damage to opponent

For example, our hero has 100 Strength and 2 Riposte buff. Opponent with 75 Strength attacks us with sword twice:

Our hero receive = 2 x 75 damage = 150 damage

Opponent's hero will receive = 2 x 100 = 200 damage

And our riposte counts decrease to 0 (2-2 = 0)

Further InformationEdit

  • Can only be triggered if opponent deals damage with sword attack
  • 0 damage will not trigger Riposte
  • Rage and berserk will trigger from riposte
  • Critical is used when riposte is triggered. Opponent's dodge will also be consumed on trigger
  • Powder on opponent will not trigger from Riposte
  • Shield won't trigger Riposte if the resulting sword damage is 0
  • +DMG/-DMG Buff / Debuff also affects Riposte damage
  • Can be removed by Spellbreaker