Resilience is a type of buff which reduce all incoming damage (except shock) by X point


Resilience 50 = all damage received is decreased by 50

If opponent casts "Hit 200", your hero will receive 200-50 = 150 damage

If opponent casts "Shock 100", your hero will receive 100 damage (not affected)

If your opponent casts "3 x Hit 200", your hero will receive (200-50)-(200-50)-(200-50) = 450 damage

Further InformationEdit

  • Shock and Thorn bypass this buff
  • Resilience is similar to -DMG Debuff, but it acts as a buff
  • Because it is a buff, spellbreaker removes it (spellbreaker damage is reduced first)
  • Multi-hits like X Times Hit will trigger Resilience multiple times, as seen from example
  • Until recently, Resilience was a buff exclusive for Desert Nomads heroes

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