Rage is a buff that increase hero's Strength by X amount with every skill or sword damage inflicted


Rage 60 = Every time hero inflicts skill or sword damage to opponent, his/her Strength is increased by 60

Further InformationEdit

  • Rage effects only activates IF the damage inflicted to opponent is not 0. 0 damage will not trigger Rage
  • Shield also blocks rage effects. Example: Opponent with shield 300, Hero with Strength 200 and Rage 50. First sword attack will not increase the Strength (blocked, 100 Shield left). The second sword attack will break the shield and inflict (200 - 100 = 100) damage, thus Rage activates, increase the Hero Strength by 50 (200 + 50 = 250)
  • If a skill goes like this : "Shock 200 and Hit 100", then the Rage effects activates twice. If the skill goes like "DMG+40 and Hit 200", then the Rage activates one time only
  • Spellbreaker removes this buff