Powder is a type of debuff which triples the damage inflicted by swords to the opponent under this debuff X times


Opp 2 Powder = The next 2 swords attack inflicted to opponent will have its damage tripled.

If the hero do a single sword attack with 140 strength, then the damage will be 140 x 3 = 420 damage and the powder count is reduced by 1

Further InformationEdit

  • Only triggered by sword attacks
  • Purify removes the debuff
  • 0 sword damage will not trigger powder nor reducing its counts
  • Initially a Pirate exclusive skill, Mandrak Ex of the Zil Warriors is the only one so far to have Powder and not be a Pirate
  • +DMG Buff / -DMG Debuff are applied 1 time only (not 3 times). Example: 120 strength and -50 DMG Debuff to a powdered opponent will deal 3 x 120 - 50 = 310 damage
  • Greatly sinergise with STR Buff
  • Shield, critical, and dodge also affects the damage output