Lightning is a type of attack that deals X damage to opponent and cast "Lightning debuff" to opponent by X/10 points

The Lightning Debuff increases all damage (except shock) inflicted to opponent under this debuff by X points.


Lightning 200 = Deals 200 damage to opponent and gives Lightning debuff to opponent by 20 points.

If the hero cast Lightning 200 twice and Hit 100, the the damage will be :

  • 1st Lightning = 200 damage and 20 Lightning debuff
  • 2nd Lightning = 200 + 220 = 420 damage and 40 lightning debuff
  • 3rd Hit = 420 + 100 + 40 = 560 damage and 40 lightning debuff

Further InformationEdit

  • Lightning attack damage is affected by +DMG Buff / -DMG Debuff, Dodge, Critical, Shield, etc., but the effect persist, even with 0 damage dealt
  • The resulting debuff can be removed by Purify
  • Same concept as +DMG Buff, but Lightning debuff works as debuff to the opponent
  • For more information about 'Lightning Debuff', visit here


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