Inspire is a passive buff that grants heroes a 4th die roll as opposed to the usual 3. This is the signature buff of Survival Mode's "Guem Colossi" that were released starting on 2/16/2016. The buff is currently guild-specific to the one that the Colossus belongs to.


Shi's Inspire Kotoba = All Kotoba heroes are granted an extra die roll.

Further InformationEdit

  • This buff actually takes the first skill slot of the Guem Colossi, making them only have 2 active skills to trigger by die roll.
    • This also makes them take damage earlier when facing against heroes without Inspire.
  • Because of the strategic effects of an extra die roll from Inspire, Guem Colossi in a deck will always appear as one of the first 3 cards in battle, notifying and warning opposing players of their presence.

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