Icy Skills are a category of skills that utilize the Ice mechanic to increase their effects. For every stack of Ice that is on the enemy, Icy Skills will add 10% to their effects. Icy skills will also stack more Ice on enemies after activation.


Icy Hit 250 = 250 damage and Ice stack

Icy Hit 250 & Opponent has 5 Ice = 250 + 5*(25) = 375 damage and Ice stack

Icy Heal 300 = Heal for 300 and Ice stack

Icy Heal 300 & Opponent has 5 Ice = 300 + 5*(30) = Heal for 450 and Ice stack

Further InformationEdit

  • While primarily a Winter Tribe skill, other heroes from the other guilds are known to utilize them as well.
  • Other than the Ice mechanic, Icy Skills behave similarly to their non-Icy versions

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