Hit x STR is a type of "Hit" attack that deals x times hero's Strength. (Not necessarily for Hit only, also applicable for Shock, Fireball, etc.). Nowadays, not only attacking skills that depend on strength, but also buff and support skills


For example, the hero's strength is 125

Hit 3 x Strength = Deals 3 x Hero's STR damage to opponent = 3 x 125 = 375

Shock 2 x Strength = Deals 2 x 125 = 250 shock damage to opponent

Heal 2 x Strength = heals 2 x 125 = 250 points to you

Further InfromationEdit

  • Buff and debuff affects the damage output (with exception of Shock)
  • Greatly sinergize with STR Buff
  • Queen Aelide has a healing skill that depends on her strength

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