Ally Bonus is an additional skill effect that increase the effect of the particular skill. The increase is affected by the number of specific allies present in the field


Hit 300, +100 every Kotoba allies

  • Deals 300 Hit damage and an additional 100 damage with every Kotoba hero in the field
  • If there are 2 Kotoba allies on the field, then the damage will be 300 + 2 x 100 = 500

Opp 1 Powder, +1 every Warrior ally

  • Gives 1 powder debuff to opponent. If there are 1 warrior and 1 mage in the field, the powder given will be 1 + 1 = 2

Further InformationEdit

  • Because there can only be 2 allies in the play field, the maximum ally bonus that can be obtained is 2 times.
  • Specific allies can be by its guild (Kotoba, Sap, Nehantist, etc.), class (Spellcaster, marauder, warrior, etc.), or types (undead, human, demon, etc.). Click here for more info on Hero's traits