+DMG Buff is a type of buff that increase all skill and sword damage (except shock attack) by X amount


+30 DMG Buff = All swords and skill damages are increased by 30

If the Hero casts 'Hit 150', the opponent will receive 150 + 30 = 180 damage

If the Hero casts 'Shock 200', the opponent will receive 200 damage (not affected)

Further InformationEdit

  • Shock is not affected by this buff
  • +DMG Buff only increase the damage, not the skill effect. Example: Fireball 200 with +50 DMG buff will result to 250 damage and -20 DMG (not -25) Debuff to opponent
  • Critical and dodge also affects the damage output. Example: Hero with Critical 1 and +50 DMG Buff inflicts Hit 250. The damage delivered will be (250 + 50) x 2 = 600 damage
  • Spellbreaker removes this buff
  • Powder only calculates this DMG buff 1 time (not 3 times). See its counter, -DMG Debuff, for more details